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Facebook Review:     5 stars

"What a pleasant surprise...this place is everything!! The food, atmosphere and entertainment was excellent. The owner and general manager both greet every customer and the entire wait staff is professional and courteous. I highly recommend this spot for a romantic dinner or date night."

- Valerie

Facebook Review:     5 stars

"Staff very helpful in answering questions. Steve the bartender makes excellent drinks. Food is delicious.

Highly recommend the Steak 38 special for two which includes a filet and a seafood sampler that includes oysters and clams"

- Anne

Facebook Review:     5 stars

"Love the atmosphere, the service. Bartender was cool. The food was outrageously delicious"

- Lamont

Facebook Review:     5 stars

"The food was very good and the service was good too. I had one of the best steaks that I have ever had. Cooked to perfection. I highly recommend."

- Louis

Facebook Review:     5 stars

"Great food. Great service. Steaks that melt in your mouth. Flaming bananas foster just for fun!"

- Sue

Facebook Review:     5 stars

"There's a lot to love about Steak 38. I visited with friends and family tonight for the first time in 15 years. The food was delicious and the service was honestly amazing. We had both the tableside caesar salad and bananas foster, as well as stellar steaks and seafood. Our server (Anthony) was out of this world."

- Christine

Yelp Review:     5 stars

"My first visit was as a skeptic as I passed this place a thousand times, but since it was attached to a motel, I figured it can't be that good, but boy was I wrong: The old saying that you can't judge a book by its cover holds true in this rustic step back in time deco playing Frank Sinatra while we dined.
Our reservations and seating were right on the money, and the Absolute Vodka Martini was fantastic, as was the service from start to finish. The filet for 2 was juicy, filling, and cooked to perfection.
I had to go back and try again, and this time was even better, from the greeting at the door, to the service at the table, Great wine selections, a nice menu variety, and super friendly staff, and diners alike.
If you really want a great meal, with a friendly atmosphere then look no farther then Steak 38 Cafe."

- Richard

Yelp Review:     5 stars

"Love this place, been going here my entire life and love showing new people this hidden gem."

- Jen

Yelp Review:     5 stars

"Oh yeah a must go! Where do I start it's a hidden gem the wait staff and manager where fabulous!
The good blue point oysters where delicious and seafood melted in my mouth! Mouthwatering crab cake and a stuffed flounder with lump crab and they do not hold back on decadent lump crap! Cherry Hill should be proud!
A great menu and pricing"

- Gloria